What is our CEO reading right now?

Author: Clockwork Concepts Inc |

When sitting down with Jonah we asked him what he was reading at the moment. He said his go to book right now is "Good to Great" by Jim Collins. When asked why he was drawn to this book Jonah stated "because the author analyses over a thousand companies that made the jump from "Good to Great" and talks about what those companies have in common. I, too, want to take our company from "Good to Great."'

Jonah said that Jim Collins had five main points that these "Great" companies all have in common. 

  1. "Having a level five leader" To Jonah, this meant someone who is rigorous not ruthless. Someone who works for their people and puts results above all. 
  2. "First who, then what" Jonah pointed out, "Before you focus on where you want your company to be, you need to know who is working for you. Your company is only as good as its employees are."
  3. "Confront the brutal facts" Jonah said "Lead with questions, not answers and don't ignore the red flags. Creating a climate where the truth is heard."
  4. "The Hedgehog Concept" Jonah went on to point out that it's better to be the hedgehog because they are "Great" at one thing and have perfected that one thing. Whereas the fox, is "Good" at many things but complacent and is not worried about perfecting something. 
  5. "Culture of Discipline" When someone walks into a company, they should see discipline in every angle and aspect of the company.

Jonah said he can't put the book down and recommends this book to any growing businesses person wanting to go from "Good to Great."




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