Meet The Team

Entry Level Management

Jonah Wolak

Jonah was born in Baltimore, Maryland. He started in our Towson location while still attending college. After getting promoted to a management position, he received an offer to cross-train with other clients, as well as run the Atlanta market. Since January 2018, he has run the number one branch in the country and continues to play a big part in our client's expansion and development.

Nahom Alemseghed

This is our Assistant Manager Nahom Alemseghed. He’s Ethiopian, born in Greece, but he’s been in Atlanta since he was 4 years old. He was a Biology Major in school, but he’s always been a people person. That’s why he says he decided to give marketing a shot. According to Nahom, one of his best decisions yet. He’s grown and developed drastically through his time with us. Nahom attributes his success succinctly, saying, “My success comes from being fulfilled with what I do. My fulfillment really comes from seeing the growth & development in my team & coworkers around me and knowing that I play an essential role in getting them to where they want

Leadership Training

Entry Level Management

John Laws III

John was born right outside of Las Vegas but spent most of his life in Chicago and Atlanta. As the eldest sibling out of six, he naturally took to the idea of being an example for his brothers and sisters. Whether it was in academics or athletics, John took his opportunity to provide another role model for his siblings very seriously. Being accepted into Mississippi State University made him the first in his family to attend a major college or university. As an athlete, John excelled in a range of things from track and field to football. He was then surprised when he found Ultimate Frisbee, a sport that he picked up in college and was able to compete at the national level with his school's club team.

Now, John enjoys working out and going to car shows; he has even started working on his own vehicles. He and his wife also frequently find new places to visit and things that they and their dog can do outdoors. John attributes a large majority of his recent success to his student mentality and his need to find out about new things that he is interested in. The ability to learn something well enough to be able to teach someone else about it and help them gain understanding and appreciation for that as well is what drives John to continue to learn new things every day.

Jessica Smith

Jessica Smith was born in the U.K. and lived in Germany for about 7 years before moving to the States. While in America, she spent the majority of her childhood in Chicago and New York, before settling in Atlanta. Jessica earned her degree in Business Administration in 2015 and started with our company that same year. After working with recruiting teams and multiple clients on a national level over the last 4 years, she is now focusing on our Atlanta office and it's direct promotions.

Sales and Marketing

Entry Level Management

Lauren Campos

Lauren was born in Austin, Texas. She grew up in a smaller town outside of Austin. She graduated from college with a bachelor's degree in Mass Communications. After graduation, Lauren moved to Atlanta, where she was able to use her communications degree to begin her career in recruiting. Lauren has been successfully recruiting for our office for three years.

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