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  • Jonah Wolak

    Jonah Wolak

    Jonah Wolak is an entrepreneur, consultant, investor, philanthropist, husband, and father.
    Born in Baltimore, Maryland the son of a writer and an artist, he adopted a unique framework for finding solutions to problems at an early age. At 21 he founded his first company which now has scaled to generating 70M+ annually across multiple industries with zero outside capital. His goal is to scale his business to fifteen locations and oversee a portfolio that is responsible for 500M in new acquisitions lifetime value. His success so far is a result of staying disciplined to low overhead, high return coupled with being a people first business.
  • Jessica Smith

    Jessica Smith

    Jessica Smith was born in the U.K. and lived in Germany for about 7 years before moving to the States. While in America, she spent the majority of her childhood in Chicago and New York, before settling in Atlanta. Jessica earned her degree in Business Administration in 2015 and started with our company that same year. After working with recruiting teams and multiple clients on a national level over the last 4 years, she is now focusing on our Atlanta office and it's direct promotions.
  • Nahom Alemseghed

    Nahom Alemseghed

    This is our Expansion Manager Nahom Alemseghed. He’s Tigrayan, born in Greece, but he’s been in Atlanta since he was 4 years old. He was a Biology Major in school, but he’s always been a people person. That’s why he says he decided to give marketing a shot. According to Nahom, one of his best decisions yet. He’s grown and developed drastically through his time with us. Nahom attributes his success succinctly, saying, “My success comes from being fulfilled with what I do. My fulfillment really comes from seeing the growth & development in my team & coworkers around me and knowing that I play an essential role in getting them to where they want
  • Omar Fleifel

    Omar Fleifel

    Omar is from Beirut, Lebanon where he studied Mechanical Engineering at the American University of Beirut and supported his family business that specializes in school and office furniture. Passionate about operations and statistics, he moved to the United States to pursue his Master’s degree in Industrial Engineering , in addition to a minor in Management, at the Georgia Institute of Technology. With 5 years of experience in several engineering domains and supporting his own startup, Omar is leveraging his diverse skillset in leading teams and developing operations in our Atlanta office.
  • Richard Swift

    Richard Swift

    Richard is originally from Columbus GA and went to the University of Mississippi where he attained a Bachelors of Science in Integrated Marketing and Communications. Richard started his professional career with the Korn Ferry Tour but wanted to steer away from the sports world and get into business for himself, since his start with us he has moved into the junior director position over the course of his tenure. He plans on taking the skills and business experience with him when he expands the company into a new market.
  • Serge Gurkalov

    Serge Gurkalov

    Serge was born in Tiraspol, Moldova but raised here in Atlanta, GA. Due to his profound appreciation for continuous improvement and proficiency with numbers, he studied Business Administration from Georgia State university. After a transient career in the auto industry, he joined Clockwork and applied his creative and analytical skill set to help develop and push his team members. On a daily basis he translates his skill set into having fun while also challenging himself and others to be better.
  • Ordes Speaks

    Ordes Speaks

    A native of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Ordes Speaks graduated from Morehouse College in Atlanta, Ga with a BA in Economics. Ordes is also a proud member of Omega Psi Phi fraternity Inc. He started with us shortly after college, and he immediately developed into one of our top performers. Ordes also plays an integral role in the development of others, as he constantly strives to develop leaders of integrity, discipline, and perseverance. Ordes truly embodies one of his favorite phrases, “Lift as you climb.”
  • Ray Sprewell

    Ray Sprewell

    Ray was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin before moving to Purchase, New York at the young age of two. From there he moved down and grew up in Roswell, Georgia. Following in his parents footsteps he attended The University of Alabama studying Aerospace Engineering. After developing some technical and analytical skills he decided to switch his focus and join the management training program to attain communication and business attributes to pursue entrepreneurship. Always striving to learn more, Ray uses this drive to push himself beyond any self-imposed limitations. Currently he uses his extensive skill set in order to train and mentor teams in all aspects including communications, sales, leadership, self education, and business.
  • Ky-Anh Huynh

    Ky-Anh Huynh

    Kyan is a driven business professional originally from Dalton, GA, who now calls Atlanta his home. Pursuing a degree in economics at Georgia State University has enabled him to deepen his understanding of the industry and develop the skills necessary for success.
    Kyanh has established himself as a leader in the business world, and his passion for sales and marketing has propelled him to excel in his field. Through his hard work and dedication, he has not only achieved personal success but has also made it his mission to push and develop others within his organization. His natural ability to lead, coupled with his desire to see his team members succeed, has earned him the respect and admiration of his colleagues.
  • Genesis Espinal

    Genesis Espinal

    Genesis is a native of the Dominican Republic. She was raised in Orlando, Florida but has spent the majority of her young adult life in Kennesaw, Georgia. Genesis graduated with a Bachelors Degree in Criminal Justice from Clayton State University. The communication skills she has gained from school helped her impact others in the business. Genesis' diverse background can help her relate and empathize with a variety of applicants. She strives to make an influence on the future women coming into this business by being a representation of what can truly be accomplished with perseverance and dedication. In her free time, Genesis expresses herself through art by painting and she also enjoys going to museums.
  • Jaylen Sewell

    Jaylen Sewell

    Jaylen, a native of small-town Tallapoosa, Georgia, made the decision to pursue her education at Savannah State University, where she excelled both academically and athletically. During her time at the university, she generously shared her knowledge by tutoring her peers, all while leading the Savannah State track and field team as their captain. With determination and perseverance, Jaylen proudly graduated in May of 2021 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology. Shortly after moving to Atlanta, she was presented with the opportunity to join the Clockwork team. Her natural talents and infectious enthusiasm quickly led her to be an integral part of the team.
  • Secou Mann

    Secou Mann

    Originally Secou was a native of queens , New York but moved to Atlanta when he was 12 years old and fell in love with the game of football which he excelled at for many years. Once he realized he wouldn't be playing football at the collegiate level he decided to spend that time pursuing a new passion which to his surprise was business relations . Secou joined the company and as a result developed both his skills in leadership and personal development. Secou plays a huge role in being one of the top leaders here at clockwork concepts and is an integral part training and development of all our new starts.
  • Gabriel Taveres

    Gabriel Taveres

    Gabriel's is originally from Boston, MA, but at the age of just five, he moved to Atlanta. Growing up, he was a passionate sportsman, excelling in soccer and football. As he progressed through high school, he realized that the chances of becoming a professional athlete were slim, but he knew that he had the drive and determination to achieve more than just a regular 9-5 job. Despite the temptation of taking on student loans, Gabriel refused to let a lack of financial resources hold him back. He took a risk and decided to work hard to provide for his family, often working two jobs a day to make ends meet. Although he felt destined for more, it wasn't until Gabriel was given the chance to showcase his skills in a new job that his entrepreneurial spirit was ignited. Since then, he has been unwavering in his pursuit of success. His passion for entrepreneurship and providing for his loved ones has motivated him to strive for greatness every day. Despite only being 19 years old, Gabriel is determined to achieve his business goals and eventually own his own office. Furthermore, he plans to use his savings and capital to fund projects that will benefit the community. Gabriel is a true inspiration, an example of determination, ambition, and a desire to make a positive impact.
  • Ari Fitzgerald

    Ari Fitzgerald

    Ari Fitzgerald, a woman endowed with grace, dignity, and poise, was born in Nashville, Tennessee's Music City. She received her Bachelor's of Science in Biology from Rust College, Mississippi's first HBCU. Ari is a proud member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. Ari has always been a natural born leader as the oldest of her 4 brothers and 2 sisters. She became one of Clockwork Concepts' top leaders very fast. She lives by the saying: "You can't leave your footprint if you're always walking on tiptoe."
  • Gavin Wise

    Gavin Wise

    Gavin is a Georgia native. Originally from a small town in South Georgia called pineview. He moved to Atlanta to attend Georgia State University where he played golf and attained his bachelors in journalism and marketing. After graduating from Georgia State university, Gavin decided to join the team at clockwork to further expand his knowledge and experience and also apply his existing knowledge to help grow and develop the company
  • Victor Smith

    Victor Smith

    Victor was born and raised in California. He faced a multitude of opportunities from various colleges when deciding to pursue his football career at the collegiate level After careful consideration, he chose to take his talents to Bacone College in the charming city of Muskogee, Oklahoma. There, he dedicated himself to both honing his skills as a running back and studying Business Administration. Upon graduating with his bachelors, he diligently worked alongside his father in their family business, but it wasn't long before he discovered an insatiable thirst for more and set his sights on Georgia. Victor's competitive spirit and relentless work ethic have propelled him to become one of the top leaders.


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