How do sports correlate to the consulting/ marketing world?

Author: Clockwork Concepts Inc |

There are many similarities between the consulting/ marketing world and the sporting world. Here are a few attributes that are consistent in both worlds: 

1. Competitive Nature- It is apparent in the sporting world that you have to have a drive to compete. In the business world, consulting firms must compete amongst each other to obtain and keep clientele.

2. Integrity-  Having integrity is such an important quality to have in sports as well as in the business world. Clients rely on the integrity of the consulting firm to run portions of their business honestly. Coaches as well, rely on the integrity of players and their team to succeed in their sport endeavors. 

3. Go-Getter- A go-getter in sports is someone who does whatever it takes to be the best that they can be. A consulting/ marketing firm will do whatever is necessary for a client so that they can achieve their business goals. In both worlds it's imperative that being a "Go-getter" and going above and beyond will create a path to success. 

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