Promotion Alert! Who got promoted to Assistant Manager?

Author: Clockwork Concepts Inc |

We want to congratulate Terance Williams for his promotion to Assistant Manager. Terance has been part of the Clockwork team since August of 2019. We have watched him flourish and grow into a great leader and mentor. We sat down with him to pick his brain a bit. Below are some interesting and fun facts about him. 

Terance M. Williams was born and raised in Atlanta.We asked Terance: What is it that inspires you to be the best you? "My commitment to my family and loved ones is what drives me to my commitment to excellence. Most importantly my two daughters. I feel I owe them my very best. Not only so that I can provide for them, but also be a shining example so that they can follow in my footsteps."

When asking Terance what drew him to Clockwork? He said he was attracted to the focus on achieving financial freedom. What attracted him most was the people. At every turn during the hiring process he was met with young professionals who exuded a high energy, extremely focused and team oriented atmosphere. 

Being in the business world there are many different traits that are needed to grow within a company. Terance said "Having a great attitude in business is the key. In business, your mindset and approach will ultimately become the key determining factor to achieving the desired outcome."

Want to know a fun fact about Terance? He LOVES romantic comedies. "I don't care who stars in them, who directed or what studio the film came from. "Failure to Launch", "She's All That", "10 Things I Hate About You"... sign me up!"

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