What's Our Favorite Podcast ?

Author: Clockwork Concepts Inc |

What's your favorite business related podcast? We asked a few of our Managers and top Leaders and they had a few suggestions if you are looking for a new one!


Terance and Richard both said "Real AF" By Andy Frisella is one of their favorites. Terance said he enjoys the structure of the podcast and it's casual conversation approach along with touching on "hot button" topics and being somewhat humorous.  Richard said this was his top pick because "Andy skips all the unnecessary information and gets straight to the point he is trying to make."


Omar's favorite podcast is "HBR IDEACAST" which has many different speakers but has episodes about how the workplace is evolving. It also has politics across the globe which he thoroughly enjoys. 


Serge and Nahom both said their favorite is "MF CEO" By guess who... Andy Frisella. Serge enjoys the very inspiring, concrete yet blunt information that Andy gives. He said Andy gives ways to apply it to every day business. Nahom had a similar take on the podcast. He said he enjoys how the podcast has specific tops and is unfiltered along with having a way to apply the information immediately. 


Now after reading this aren't you a bit enticed?  Check out one of these podcasts and let us know which one is your favorite!

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