Why is customer service important to Clockwork?

Author: Clockwork Concepts Inc |

Clockwork as a consulting / marketing firm focuses heavily on customer service. We are the face of the companies we work with. Those fortune 500 companies rely on us to give stellar customer service and representation of their company. We came up with the top five reasons customer service is important to a company. 


  1. It adds value to your product or service that the company is providing. 

  2. It increases customer retention and recurring revenue. Essentially good customer service means the opportunity to work with those customers again. 

  3. Results in positive reviews and brand image. This will lead to possible new customers. 

  4. It boosts your employee's morale and reduces turnover amongst the company. 

  5. It adds value to your brand. Clients want to work with a brand that will bring an enjoyable process to their experience. 

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