How to Stay Organized in a Sales Based Environment!

Author: Clockwork Concepts Inc |

1.Make a list of everyone you need to call everyday! Start your day with a list of every customer and any management you need to reach that day. Getting this done while everything is fresh in your mind will help you stay extremely organized

2. Have contact information always available Many salesmen are out of the office often, but you still need to be making your follow up calls. To help organize your sales, have all of your contact’s phone numbers and emails on your phone. Make for an easy transition no matter where you are. 

3. Get your emails in order! Time management is a key component of being organized. It’s a time saver to incorporate email templates into your outreach efforts. If you have a stellar email that is performing well, then save it as a template and re-use that email for other prospects. Be sure to track effectiveness and don’t be discouraged if you have to reach out multiple times before your email is responded to.

4. Keep important dates on your calendar. Turn on an alarm on your calendar to remind you about it. Checking your calendar daily will allow no meeting or important date to go missed. 

5. Jump on leads right away Sales representatives  need to be jumping on leads fast! But to be able to do this, you have to get organized. 

6. Confirm all upcoming meetings or obligations. Always confirm your upcoming meetings. Get yourself organized by having your system prompt you in advance to re-confirm all sales demos and meetings. Getting organized will help you to not waste time for a call that isn’t going to happen. We all know that in the sales world, time is money. 

What are some ways you stay organized ? DROP THEM BELOW!


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